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To promote a culture of educational excellence, from within a caring and secure Islamic environment enriched with the values of discipline, mutual care and respect, which extends beyond the school into the wider community.

Nurturing Today’s Young People, Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Aims and Objectives

To provide students with a broad and balanced education in a caring, safe and a well-ordered Islamic environment for boys to develop their academic skills and Islamic values in order to practice Islam with God-consciousness and sincerity.

Educate students with the teachings of Islam in accordance with the noble Quran, Sunnah and Usul of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) to instil within them self knowledge, self esteem, wisdom and self confidence.


Al-Hujjat Study Centre started over 10 years ago in our Razavi Community Centre. It was a very small family run madaris initially and grew substantially over years. The madaris catered to a vast group of diverse members of the shia faith, from various parts of the world. The madaris has a history of being a close community with diversity and has always catered to the needs of the community, while delivering an islamic education at the madaris. This has instilled a strong diverse culture, tolerance and a learning tool of how Islam brings people from different backgrounds together.

Alhamdulilah, today, we have past graduate students as teachers, volunteers and may others who volunteer their time in various capacities at the madaris as the strong community and family connection still exists to date.

Today, Mashallah, the Al-Hujjat Study Centre has over 80 students and continues to grow rapidly.


To help develop their tarbiyat by teaching them the basis of aqaaid (faith), ibaadah (worship), akhlaaq (character), deeni taleem (knowledge) and mu’aa-sharah (community relations) so that they will grow up to be balanced, pious, upright individuals educated in Islamic and Cultural etiquette with the capacity to understand and work with individuals from other cultures.

Future Plans

Inshallah,as we continue to grow at Al-Hujjat, we envision a larger space for our madaris as to cater to our growing number of students annually.

We also look to welcome more teachers and offer more islamic based training programs at the madaris for our future students and families.


We have a small center that is now faced with a growing madaris. and space is a major factor. This challenge is being addressed currently by the Madaris and inshallah will look into various options and with the help of the Almighty, we shall foresee success.