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What we do

The Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE): will be the vehicle that delivers and maintains the strategies for the Madrasah programme. Its focus would be to attain harmony amongst the Madaris and realise the vision by coordinating the four work streams – Curriculum Development, Teacher Training, Learning Resources and Assessment & Evaluation. A global structure would provide focus and would become a central place for Madaris to seek help and support in the running of their institutions.

The Curriculum Development work stream would provide a curriculum framework that can be tailored to individual Madrasah needs and which would be reviewed periodically. It would lead to standardisation because all madaris would use the framework of the same broad curriculum. One framework globally would ensure that if parents or children move between locations, they will not be affected. Constant evolution of the curriculum would make it relevant for present and future generations.

The Teacher Development  work stream would facilitate the provision of training to meet the training needs of the madrasah teachers. It would also create a body that represents Madrasah teachers globally, providing support and a forum for teachers to interact, share valuable experiences and learn.

The Learning Resources work stream would provide a comprehensive resource centre for teachers, parents and students where resources can be shared globally encouraging development of new ideas and innovation. It would also reach out to community members who would not otherwise have access to madrasah education.

The Continuous Assessment & Evaluation work stream would create a learning environment for all where the students, teachers and institutions are examined and evaluated with a view to continually improve. It will allow the Madrasah not only to compare and be compared so as to enable learning from each other but also to focus on specific areas of need.