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Modules Overview  Modules List
Module 1 - The Creator and His Creation
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 011a01- Allah Is The Creator Of Everything1b01- Allah Is One- Surat Al- Ikhlas1c01 – Who Is Allah?1d01 – Knowing Allah Through His Attributes1e01 – Allah Is The Creator Of The Universe1f01 – The Creation Of The Universe
Lesson 021a02- Allah Has The Most Beautiful Names1b02- Allah Made Angels, Jinns And Animals1c02 – Shaytan’s Promise To Misguide Us1d02 -our Relationship With Allah1e02 – Allah Created Us1f02 – Proof Of Allah’s Existence
Lesson 031a03- Allah Is Everywhere, Knows Everything And Is The Most Powerful1b03- Nabi Adam And Lady Hawwa1c03 – Why Did Allah Create Us?1d03 – Being Content With Allah’s Blessings1e03 – We Have Faith In Allah1f03 – Why Some People Refuse To Believe In God
Lesson 041a04- I Begin In Allah’s Name1b04- Iblis The Proud One1c04 – The Need Of Following A Religion1d04 – Communicating With Allah Through Salah1e04 – Yaqin1f04 – Ma’rifah Of Allah
Lesson 051a05- I Am A Muslim, Islam Is My Deen- Kalimah1b05- Du’a- I Ask Allah For Help1c05 – Islam: The Path To Perfection1d05 – Salah Is The Mi’raj Of A Mu’min1e05 – Preparing For Salah1f05 – Tawhid And Shirk
Lesson 061a06- I Pray To Allah With Five Daily Salahs1b06- I Can Do Wudhu1c06 – Understanding Kufr1d06 – Understanding Salah 11e06 – Being Attentive In Salah 11f06 – All Muslims Believe In Tawhid
Lesson 071a07- Adhan And Iqamah1b07- Adhan And Iqamah1c07 – Conditions Of Wudhu1d07 – Understanding Salah 21e07 – Being Attentive In Salah 21f07 – Philosophy Of Salah
Lesson 081a08- This Is How I Pray1b08- Let’s Get Ready For Salah1c08 – More About Wudhu1d08 – Allah Loves Those Who Do Sujud1e08 -salah Is The Best Of Deeds1f08 – Tark As-salah
Lesson 09--1c09 – Niyyah1d09 – Salat Al- Jama’ah1e09 – Salat Al – Jama’ah1f09 – Salah Must Be Performed In All Circumstances
Lesson 10--1c10 – Let’s Pray Perfectly!1d10 – Salah When Travelling1e10 – Salat Al- Jumu’ah1f10 – Mustahabb Salah
Lesson 11--1c11 – Beautifying Your Salah1d11 – Salah For Special Occasions1e11 – Allah Answers Our Prayers-
Lesson 12---1d12 – Allah Listens To Our Prayers1e12 – Allah Is Most Forgiving Most Merciful-
Module 2 - Divine Guidance
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 012a01- Adalah And Hikmah Of Allah2b01- Nubuwwah And Miracles- Nabi Musa2c01 – Allah Is Al- Hadi2d01 – Allah Has Guided Us2e01 – Guidance And Grace Of Allah2f01 – Anbiya – Divine Guides To Mankind
Lesson 022a02- Nubuwwah And The Mercy Of Allah2b02- Nabi Ibrahim2c02 – Divine Communication2d02 – We Must Keep Away From Sins2e02 – Allah Sent Anbiya To Guide Us2f02 – Nabi Ya’qub And His Sons
Lesson 032a03- Nabi Nuh2b03- The Divine Books2c03 – Lutf Of Allah2d03 – Allah Constantly Watches Over Us2e03 – Nabi Musa’s Mission2f03 – Nabi Yusuf And Zulaykha
Lesson 042a04- Nabi Ibrahim And The Ka’bah2b04- Qur’an Is My Special Book2c04 – Anbiya2d04 – The Prophets And Divine Messages2e04 – The Banu Isra’il2f04 – Nabi Yusuf Interprets Dreams
Lesson 052a05- Nabi Musa’s Birth And Childhood2b05- Ulu Al- Azm Ambiya2c05 – Nabi Ibrahim: Father Of The Abrahamic Faiths2d05 – The Prophets Are The Best Leadership Role Models2e05 – Nabi Musa Meets Khidr2f05 – Nabi Yusuf: Minister Of Egypt
Lesson 062a06- Nabi Isa And Lady Maryam2b06- Nabi Salih2c06 – Nabi Ibrahim Sees A Dream2d06 – Allah Tests Us2e06 – Nabi Zakariyya And Nabi Yahya2f06 – Naskh In The Qur’an
Lesson 072a07- Nabi Yunus2b07- Ayat Al Kursi2c07 – Eid Al-adha2d07 – There Is Wisdom In Allah2e07 – Sayyidah Maryam2f07 – Equivocal And Unequivocal Verses Of The Qur’an
Lesson 082a08- My Special Places2b08- Ulama- Contribution And Respect2c08 – Nabi Ibrahim And Nabi Isma’il Rebuild The Ka’bah2d08 – We Must Always Act With Justice2e08 – Nabi Isa2f08 – Sujud In The Qur’an
Lesson 09--2c09 – Ka’bah And Al-masjid Al- Haram2d09 – Bullying2e09 – Islam And Christianity2f09 – The Issue Of Tahrif And The Qur’an
Lesson 10--2c10 – The Masjid: A Place Of Worship2d10 – Prejudice2e10 – The Holy Qur’an – The Final Revelation2f10 – Schools Of Islamic Theology
Lesson 11--2c11 – The Role Of The Masjid2d11 – Overcoming Oppression2e11 – Commentary Of The Qur’an2f11 – Do We Have Free Will?
Lesson 12------
Module 3 - Rasulullah (s) - Communicating the Message
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 013a01- Birth Of Rasulullah (s) In Aam Al- Feel3b01 – Rasulullah (s)- The Messenger Of Allah3c01 – Rasulullah (s)-mercy To Mankind3d01 – Intercession3e01 – Divine Guides3f01 – Rasulullah (s)- The Seal Of The Prophets
Lesson 023a02- Uswatun Hasanah- A Beautiful Example3b02 – The Great Arrival3c02 – The Tree Of Purity3d02 – The Strugglesof The Early Muslims3e02 – Yearning For A Saviour3f02 – The Universality Of Rasulullah’s (s) Message
Lesson 033a03- I Can Be Truthful And Trusted Like Rasulullah (s)3b03- Abu Talib3c03 – The First Guardian Of Rasulullah (s)3d03 – The Year Of Grief3e03 – Medina: The First Muslim State3f03 – Deputations From Foreign Lands And The Event Of Mubahalah
Lesson 043a04- I Can Be Kind Like Rasulullah (s)3b04- Young Years Of Rasulullah (s)3c04 – Ignorance Is Darkness3d04 – Isra And Mi’raj3e04 – Challenges To The New State3f04 – The Spread Of Islam
Lesson 053a05- Sayyidah Fatimah (s)3b05- Lady Khadijah3c05 – I Am Rasulullah (s)3d05 – Companions Of Rasulullah (s)3e05 – The Power Of Faith In Action3f05 – Appointing A Successor
Lesson 063a06- I Remember Allah, I Do Tasbeeh3b06- Mab’ath- The Beginning Of The Mission3c06 – Rasulullah (s) Never Gave Up3d06 – The Hijrah Of Rasulullah (s)3e06 – Lessons From The Battle Of Uhud3f06 – Ghadir- The Greatest Eid
Lesson 073a07- Bilal Al- Habashi3b07- Abu Lahab3c07 – The Early Muslims’ Struggle For Islam3d07 – Migration Towards Allah3e07 – The Battle Of Khandaq3f07 – Rasulullah’s (s) Last Days
Lesson 083a08- Jabir Ibn Abdullah Al- Ansari3b08- Al- Miqdad3c08 – Journey Towards Harmony3d08 – The Brotherhood Between The Ansar And Muhajirin3e08 – The Battle Of Khaybar3f08 – Leadership After Rasulullah (s)
Lesson 09--3c09 – The Power Of Faith In Action3d09 – Imam Ali (a) – Brother Of Rasulullah (s)3e09 – Hudaybiyyah And The Pledge Of Ridhwan3f09 – How The Ahlul Bayt (a) Were Treated After Rasulullah (s)
Lesson 10--3c10 – Helping Rasulullah (s)3d10 – Hadith Of The Two Weighty Things3e10 – Conquest Of Mecca3f10 – The Period Of The First Caliph
Lesson 11--3c11 – Isti’adhah3d11 – Surah Ad-dahr3e11 – Mu’tah And Other Expeditions3f11 – The Period Of The Second Caliph
Lesson 12----3e12 – Rasulullah’s (s) Wives And Children3f12 – The Period Of The Third Caliph
Module 4 - The Aimmah (a) - Safeguarding the Message
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 014a01- The A’immah- An Introduction4b01- Kawthar4c01 – Imamah4d01 – Imamah4e01 – Imamah4f01 – Wilayah Of The Ahlulbayt (a)
Lesson 024a02- Imam Ali (a) And Certainty4b02- Imam Musa Al- Kadhim (a) And Will Power4c02 – Our Living Imam4d02 – The First Three A’immah (a)4e02 – Imam Hasan (a) And Imam Husayn (a) : The Beloved Grand Children Of Rasulullah(s)4f02 – Imam Ali (a) – The Righful Leader
Lesson 034a03- Imam Hasan (a) And Forbearance4b03- Imam Ali Ar- Rida (a) And Contentment4c03 – Qualities Of The A’immah(a)4d03 – Companions Of Imam Husayn (a)4e03 – Imam Hasan (a) Signs A Peace Treaty4f03 – Imam Ali’s (a) Close Connection With Allah
Lesson 044a04- Imam Husayn (a) And Bravery4b04- Imam Muhammad At- Taqi (a) And Generosity4c04 – Imam Muhammad Al- Baqir (a)4d04 – Azadari4e04 – The Umayyads4f04 – Imam Ali (a) During The Time Of The First Three Caliphs
Lesson 054a05- The Ahlul Kisa4b05- Imam Ali An- Naqi (a) And Organisation4c05 – Imam Ja’far As- Sadiq (a)4d05 – The Aftermath Of Karbala4e05 – Events That Led To The Tragedy Of Karbala4f05 – Imam Ali (a) Becomes The Official Caliph
Lesson 064a06- Imam Zayn Al- Abidin (a) And Mindfulness4b06- Imam Hasan Al- Askari (a) And Love4c06 – Ghadhab: Anger4d06 – Supporting The Cause Of Imam Husayn (a)4e06 – The Tragedy Of Karbala4f06 – The Civil Wars During Imam Ali’s (a) Caliphate
Lesson 074a07- Imam Muhammad Al- Baqir (a) And Knowledge4b07- Imam Al- Mahdi (a) And Justice4c07 – Hilm: Forbearance4d07 – Imam Zayn Al – Abidin (a)4e07 – Remembering Karbala4f07 – The Martyrdom Of Imam Ali (a)
Lesson 084a08- Imam Ja’far As- Sadiq (a) And Hard Work4b08- Ziyarah4c08 – Imam Musa Al- Kadhim (a)4d08 – Major Contributions Of Imam Zayn Al – Abidin (a)4e08 – Events After The Day Of Ashura4f08 – The Wise Words Of Imam Ali (a)
Lesson 09--4c09 – Imam Ali Ar- Ridha (a)4d09 – The Rise And Fall Of The Umayyads4e09 – The Life Of Sayyidah Zaynab4f09 – Companions Of Imam Ali (a)
Lesson 10--4c10 – Imam Muhammad At- Taqi (a)4d10 – Kadhmayn4e10 – Reflections On Sayyidah Zaynab’s Sermon4f10 – Imam Ali (a) And Social Justice
Lesson 11--4c11 – Imam Ali An- Naqi (a)4d11 – Mashhad4e11 – Ziyarat Of Imam Husayn (a)-
Lesson 12--4c12 – Imam Hasan Al- Askari (a)4d12 – Samarra4e12 – Tawalli And Tabarri-
Module 5 - Upholding the Message During Ghaybah
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 015a01- Imam Al- Mahdi (a) Is My Guide5b01- The Birth Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5c01 – Our Imam (a) Is In Ghaybah5d01 – Imam Al- Mahdi (a)- Hope For The World5e01 – Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5f01 – The Reappearance Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)
Lesson 025a02- Imam Al- Mahdi (a) Is Chosen By Allah5b02- Friday- A Very Special Day5c02 – Ghaybah5d02 – Preparation For Ghaybah5e02 – The Awaited Saviour5f02 – Ijtihad During The Ghaybah Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)
Lesson 035a03- My Imam And Me5b03- Laylatul Qadr5c03 – Ghaybat As- Sughra5d03 – Our Responsibilities During Ghaybah5e03 – Our Imam Is In Ghaybah5f03 – Following The Sunnah Of Rasulullah (s)
Lesson 045a04- I Love My Imam5b04- Imam Al- Mahdi’s (a) Mission5c04 – Taqlid5d04 – Praying For Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5e04 – Waiting For The Awaited5f04 – The Akhbari- Usuli Debate
Lesson 05-5b05- Praying For Imam Al- Mahdi (a) And Striving For His Reappearance5c05 – Our Mujtahidin5d05 – Communicating With Our Imam (a)5e05 – Signs Of Imam Al- Mahdi’s (a) Reappearance5f05 – Upholding One’s Faith During Ghaybah
Lesson 06-5b06- What Is Khums?5c06 – Actively Awaiting Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5d06 – Guidance During The Ghaybah Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5e06 – Dhuhur Of Imam Al- Mahdi5f06 – Being With The Imam (a)
Lesson 07--5c07 – Imam Al- Mahdi’s (a) Long Life5d07 – The Role Of A Mujtahid5e07 – Du’a Nudbah5f07 – The Spread Of Islam
Lesson 08--5c08 – Important Days And Duas Related To Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5d08 – Sha’ban And The Birth Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5e08 – Guidance During Ghaybah5f08 – The Changing Faces Of Muslim Rule
Lesson 09--5c09 – Praying For Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5d09 – From The Teachings Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5e09 – Our Mujtahidin5f09 – The Gunpowder Empires
Lesson 10--5c10 – Masajid Associated With Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5d10 – Creating A Fair And Just Society5e10 – Sources Of Islamic Law5f10 – Revolution And Revival
Lesson 11--5c11 – Seeking Grace Through Our Imam (a)5d11 – Being A Helper Of Imam Al- Mahdi (a)5e11 – Ziyarah- A Means Of Getting Closer To Allah5f11 – Extremism
Lesson 12----5e12 – Practise What You Preach-
Module 6 - Roadmap to Self-purification
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 016a01- Salawat6b01- Islamic Months6c01 – Our Body And Soul6d01 – Self Purification6e01 – The Way To Purification6f01 – The Faculties Of The Soul
Lesson 026a02- Manners Of Eating And Drinking6b02- Shari’ah And Furu Ad- Din6c02 – Sinning Harms The Soul6d02 – Doing Good For The Sake Of Allah6e02 – Sabr In Self-purification6f02 – Acquiring Taqwa
Lesson 036a03- Toilet Manners6b03- Hajj6c03 – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind6d03 – Hypocrisy6e03 – Taharah And Najasah6f03 – Understanding The Shari’ah
Lesson 046a04- Manners Of Sleeping6b04- Grooming And Hygiene6c04 – Taharah6d04 – Conceit6e04 – Reaching The Age Of Responsibility6f04 – Hajj- A Journey Of Transformation
Lesson 056a05- The Muslim Way6b05- Niyyah6c05 – Keeping Our Bodies Tahir6d05 – Taharah And Najasah6e05 – The Major Washing (ghusl)6f05 – The Day Of Eid
Lesson 066a06- Caring For My Heart6b06- Taharah And Najasah6c06 – Bulugh6d06 – Mutahhirat: The Purifying Agents6e06 – Janabah (boys)6f06 – Moonsighting
Lesson 076a07- Sawm6b07- Halal Food6c07 – Sawm6d07 – The Monthly Period: An Islamic Perspective And Laws (girls)6e07 – Body Image- An Islamic Perspective6f07 – Janabah (boys)
Lesson 086a08- Israf6b08- Salman Al- Muhammadi6c08 – Niyyah For Fasting6d08 – Healthy And Halal6e08 – Imam Zayn Al- Abidin (a) Welcomes Ramadhan6f08 – Halal And Healthy Foods
Lesson 09--6c09 – Healthy Eating6d09 – Spiritual Growth6e09 – Being A Guest Of Allah In The Month Of Ramadhan6f09 – The Prohibition Of Alcohol And Drugs
Lesson 10--6c10 – Halal And Haram Foods6d10 – Fasting Benefits And Guidelines6e10 – Missing Fasts In The Month Of Ramadhan6f10 – The Harmful Effects Of Smoking
Lesson 11---6d11 – Laylat Al- Qadr6e11 – Hajj- A Journey To Allah6f11 – Social Vices
Lesson 12----6e12 – Good In This World And The Hereafter-
Module 7 - Societal Wellbeing
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 017a01- I Remember Allah7b01- Those Who Care For Me7c01 – Our Parents7d01 – Children Are A Great Blessing7e01 – Being A Humanitarian7f01 – Embracing Generations
Lesson 027a02- We Love Our Parents7b02- I Care For Others7c02 – Our Relatives7d02 – Luqman’s Advice To His Son7e02 – Friends And Peer Pressure7f02 – Citizenship And Civic Duties
Lesson 037a03- My Siblings And Me7b03- Kindness To Animals7c03 – Our Friends7d03 – Imam Ali’s (a) Advice To His Children7e03 – Amr Bil-ma’ruf In Society7f03 – Respect For People Of Other Faiths
Lesson 047a04- Animals In The Qur’an7b04- Iqra- The Importance Of Learning7c04 – Our Ummah7d04 – Our Relatives7e04 – Marriage In Islam7f04 – Gender Interaction
Lesson 057a05- We Love And Respect Our Grandparents7b05- Iyadah- Visiting The Sick7c05 – A United Ummah7d05 – Relationship With Neighbours7e05 – Digital Culture7f05 – Islam And The Media
Lesson 067a06- Mother7b06- Helping Myself7c06 – Relationships In Islam7d06 – Our Community7e06 – Drugs And Intoxicants7f06 – Spouse Selection
Lesson 077a07- Friends And Friendship7b07- Ithaar- Others First7c07 – Hijab7d07 – Gadgets And Social Networking7e07 – Music, Singing And Dancing7f07 – Relationship With One’s Inlaws
Lesson 087a08- I Say Salamun Alaykum7b08- Hospitality And Gifts7c08 – Our Brothers And Sisters In Humanity7d08 – Amr Bil- Ma’ruf7e08 – Mischief And Corruption7f08 – Talaq (divorce)
Lesson 09--7c09 – Islam And Culture7d09 – Modesty And Chastity7e09 – Husn Adh-dhann7f09 – Sexuality In Islam
Lesson 10--7c10 – Amanah7d10 – Women In Islam7e10 – Islamic Governance7f10 – Observing The Rights Of Others
Lesson 11--7c11 – Caring For The Environment7d11 – Moderation In Life7e11 – Khums7f11 – Keys To A Successful Marriage
Lesson 12---7d12 – Towards Creating An Economically Fair Society-7f12 – Riba
Module 8 - The Hereafter - Return to the Creator
Band A (4-5 years)Band B (6-7 years)Band C (8-9 years)Band D (10-11 years)Band E (12-13 years)Band F (14-15 years)
Lesson 018a01- A Special Place For Me8b01- Yawmul Hisab And Tawbah8c01 – Life After Life8d01 – Everlasting Life8e01 – Death: The Beginning Of Eternal Life8f01 – Our Everlasting Life
Lesson 028a02- Usul Ad- Din8b02- Jannah- Families Who Do Good Together Stay Together8c02 – Returning To Allah8d02 – Death: A New Beginning8e02 – The Ever-living Soul8f02 – Sweeter Than Honey
Lesson 038a03- Looking Forward8b03- Transfer To Akhirah And The People Of Jannah8c03 – Our Actions Have Consequences8d03 – Questioning In The Grave8e03 – Taking Care Of Amanah8f03 – The Sanctity Of Life
Lesson 048a04- Abu Fadhil8b04- Isal Ath- Thawab8c04 – Good Versus Evil8d04 – Barzakh8e04 – Preparing For A Better Life8f04 – What To Do When Someone Dies
Lesson 05--8c05 – Building For Our Eternal Life8d05 – Yawm Al- Hashr8e05 – Balancing This World And The Hereafter8f05 – Washing And Shrouding
Lesson 06--8c06 – Mercy And Forgiveness Of Allah8d06 – The Sirat8e06 – Barzakh8f06 – Burial
Lesson 07--8c07 – The Day Of Judgement8d07 – Jannah8e07 – Remembering The Marhumin8f07 – Remembering The Deceased
Lesson 08--8c08 – Our Final Destination8d08 – The Fire8e08 – The Final Abode8f08 – Bereavement
Lesson 09--8c09 – Remembering The Marhumin8d09 – Remembering The Marhumin8e09 – Yawm At- Taghabun8f09 – Wills And Inheritance
Lesson 10----8e10 – Ashab Al- A’raf8f10 – The Day Of Gathering
Lesson 11----8e11 – Reflections From Surah Ya Sin8f11 – The End Of Time
Lesson 12------