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A global structure to provide focus for the development of Madrasah and to become a central place for Madaris to seek help and support in the running of their institutions

Accessing Lessons and Resources

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New Resource

MCE has produced over 50 story books with Islamic content for children in madrasah. Story books enable children to become highly motivated learners. Working with illustrations provides a creative and artistic learning environment which children respond to. A story book provides a child-centred atmosphere where abstract concepts are represented within the text and images.

Teacher Development

  • Equipping the Madrasah teachers with necessary pedagogic skills.
  • Enabling the teacher to acquire understanding of child psychology.
  • Developing proper Islamic attitudes towards teaching.
  • Enabling teachers to understand the significance of individual differences of child and to take appropriate steps for their optimum development

Interested in adopting the Tarbiyah Curriculum?

If you are interested in implementing the Tarbiyah Curriculum, click on the link below:

MCE nurtures piety by enabling an environment that instills the values of the Qur’an and Ahl al-Bayt (‘as)


To develop a robust and evolving global curriculum that encapsulates regional variation, modern methodologies, support material for students, teachers and parents whilst retaining core knowledge and spiritual ethos.


To create or revamp resources which can be used by students, teachers and parents and to provide a comprehensive resource centre where resources can be shared globally encouraging development of new ideas and innovation.

Teacher Development

To facilitate the provision of training to meet the training needs of the madrasah teachers. It would also create a body that represents Madrasah teachers globally, providing support and a forum for teachers to interact, share valuable experiences and learn.


To develop a process for assessment of madaris. It would create a learning environment for all where the students, teachers and institutions are assessed with a view to share good practices and continually improve.

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