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Our mission is to ensure that every stakeholder within Zainabiya Madressa personally benefits from the services that we provide. Whether that be religious education for the young generation, public speaking experience for Teachers, confidence development for Madressa Alumni, organisational skills for Admin staff or creativity and strategic thinking of students.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To educate the young generation and meet the growing religious needs
  2. To nurture Islamic values in their daily lives
  3. To develop a sense of Islamic community and social norms/ethics in line with the teachings of Quran and Ahlulbayt (a)
  4. To build a strong character and relationship with Ahlulbayt AS


Classes started in 2013, starting with 4 students on a regular basis, first-year there was freestyle, i.e. no set curriculum was being adhered to.2014 – Qur’an classes commenced when Iraqi brother ‘Abu Haider’ joined as a Qur’an teacher. 2014 we first adopted the MUS curriculum.2015 – we had approx 15 students at max, at this point there was only 2 teachers, 1 for Qur’an and one for Islamiat.The third teacher brought in, allowing us to split classes by age for the first time.2016 – we took part in MSEN annual competition, all students performed as a group.2017 – MSEN provided teacher training and access to their new curriculum which was story-based, we decided to use both MUS and MSEN side by side, as they complimented each other.2018 – we have approx 18 registered students.Mid-2018 Change of administration.2019 – we held a children led Eid celebration, students carried out a small play emphasising respect for parents, poetry & art challenge in relation to Imam Ali a.s2020-21 – Zainabiyah Madrassah was set up virtually in MS Teams to facilitate Islamic education in the pandemic. The highlight was that our number of students increased due to this initiative and was very well managed and appreciated by the community.2022 – Mid-Sha’aban Celebration with 35 children participating through different ways such as drawings, indigenous English poem writings, Speeches and Manqabat/Ziyarat. This brought a lot of confidence and has motivated Children to do something for the love of Ahlulbayt (a)


Zainabiyah Madrassah has two functional blocks

1. Operations – Manage day to day activities, facilitate an environment where children can be taught by teachers effectively.2. Staff/Teachers – Provide education (Tarbiyah Curriculum)and Quranic teachings to boys and Girls.

The whole madrassah is working on non-profit principle where Admin and teachers (mostly) are providing their services/time voluntarily.

Future Plans

Zainabiyah Madrassah plan to nurture the younger generation according to the ethical values taught to us by AhlulBayt AS.Also, we are trying to develop resources such as Manqabat khwaan, English Poem writers/reciters, public speaking skills and inculcate the urge to learn Islamic studies in depth. This will help the forthcoming generations to continue living in the west according to the Islamic values and further propagate the divine message of Quran and Ahlulbayt. We would like our younger generation’s hearts to be filled with the love of Ahlulbayt(a)  and become supporters of Imam e Zamana AS.


  • Shortage of Teaching Staff – We have asked our community to extend help and a few volunteers have recently joined which has reduced this problem, however, we are still looking for more people especially when teachers go on holiday.
  • Separate Spaces for different year groups – However, we are trying to expand Madrassah space and segregate different year groups to avoid noise interference