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Wisdom Academy endeavors to develop pious individuals who would serve a society based on Islamic values. Our mission is to provide education that cultivates independent thought, promotes character building, develops healthy individuals, nurtures growth and promotes responsibility and productivity, with foundations in Montessori Education combined with Islamic values, through programs that are measurable and efficient.

Aims and Objectives

– Educate and train our students to acquire the tools to be successful in all aspects of life
– Instill resilience in our students to confront contemporary challenges
– Train our students to be impactful contributors to the wider community
– Teach Islamic Studies as a dedicated subject
– Teach Islamic Studies incorporated into other subjects


Wisdom Academy was founded informally in 2012 with 6 students and 3 staff members and has grown to now over 60 students and 15 staff members. Follow this link for more info…



Board of Trustees
Board of Education (including Dean of Mission)
School Director
Support Staff, Upper School Academic Coordinator, Islamic Studies Coordinator
Lead Teachers
Assistant Teachers

Future Plans

We recently signed a contract to purchase a 64,000 square foot building which will likely accommodate around 285 students. We are still finalizing the details with the city but if all goes well, God-willing, we will be able to move in at the end of 2024 or beginning of 2025.


We are a Montessori-based school for our lower school (up to 5th grade) so finding Montessori-trained teachers is a challenge. Finances are always a challenge given that the upper school doesn’t have enough students to cover the expenses needed to pay teachers and cover associated costs. We have a waiting list for the lower school due to limited spacing in our current facility.