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  • To spread knowledge on our religion to our children in the best possible way , where religion does not become a duty only but it is of interest and passion.
  • To be able to teach in a communicative way where the child is able to learn and implement the Islamic values in his or her life .

Aims and Objectives

  • To make the children good Shias and so they can follow the right path.
  • They can know the history and the fiqah rules of our religion
  • They can teach others and also their own children , the Islamic History and the Fiqah rules and the obligatory tenants of the religion


Al Murtaza Madressa was founded in 1980s by the ladies from MehfileMurtaza . The reason of founding it was that there was no madressa in English medium and as most of the children ‘s families were from East Africa there was a need for an English Medium Madressa.


  • Class teachers for all grades KG to 3 take all the subjects and there is a separate Quran teacher
  • Different subject teachers for higher grades
  • Coordinators to oversee the lesson plans for KG to grade 3
  • Subject coordinators for grades 4 upwards. They oversee lesson plans.
  • No final exams are held
  • There are three tests in each subject in the calendar year and students are promoted on overall performance

Vice principal: Sadaf Hasnain
Principal: Fatima Altaf

Future Plans

  • Plans are to adopt the MCE madressa syllabus.
  • We are hoping that it will improve the interest in the madressa learning and also more admissions maybe.


As the world is going towards more technology dependence, we feel the number of children studying in madressa is decreasing and the Interest too is decreasing of the children and the parents.