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Nurturing piety and preparing them to face different challenges via awareness and spirituality.

Aims and Objectives

To provide Integrated Education of Qur’an, creed, fiqh, moral, and history in a holistic way.


ALQAEM Skolan was established and officially registered on the 15th of Shabaan in the year 2013 mainly for Arab community kids. However, after COVID 19, March 2020, when all the madaris went through lockdown, ALQAEM SKOLAN began delivering lessons through ZOOM after training the teachers and parents. Many non-Arab children joined Al Qaem since then. By the Grace of Allah, every Saturday our Teachers strive to fulfill the spiritual needs of all our students in the best possible manner. We have about 10 teachers mostly speaking in Swedish English or Swedish Arabic catering to about 50m students in four different levels. More information could be obtained through our website: www.alqaem.se


Religious Guide and Supervisor (Resident Alim)
Administration: Principal, Assistant Principal, Accountant, Secretary, Media Personal.
Teachers: Eight female teachers, 5 male teachers.
Co-Workers: Two.

Future Plans

Working with various organizations to enhance and develop the mode of education, the teacher’s teaching skills, administrative skills, and curriculum. At the moment, Al Qaem School administration team has decided to work with MCE-UK to achieve those goals.


1. Covid-19
2. Challenges related to online education and the limitations associated with it.
3. Disciplinary issues with the students.
4. Financial Challenges.