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AnNour Madressah shall be a guiding institution based on the Shia Ithna-Ashari school of thought; to instil the love of Allah, Rasulullah (SA), Qur’an and Ahlulbayt (A), in the heart of the new generation and to raise true followers of Rasulullah (S) and AhlulBayt (A).

Aims and Objectives

  • To guide the children on the right path, through the teachings of the Qur’an and AhlulBayt (A).
  • To provide education to the community youngsters on the following subjects: Islamic Studies, Qur’an, and Arabic language.
  • To nurture faithful practising Muslims.
  • To help students develop a sense of positive Muslim identity.
  • To enable the students to make the right choices consistent with the teachings of the 14 Masumeen (A).


AnNour school started about two decades ago with a group of community members who were willing to dedicate their time and effort towards providing education to the community youngsters in Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies. The school started in the basement of a community centre and later was moved to its current location, Imam Hussein Islamic Center of Minnesota. Currently, due to COVID-19, AnNour school is offered online and serves between 60 to 65 students.


Islamic studies lead
Quran lead
Arabic lead

Future Plans

To improve children’s experience through interactive platforms and engaging lessons.


Minimum number of dedicated staff.