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Our Mission Statement

To impart Islamic knowledge to all students and nurture piety in order to facilitate an intellectual understanding of Islam and to encourage the conscientious practice of its religious, spiritual and social aspects, thereby, empowering them to develop sincere and pious personalities and to participate and respond, both independently and collectively, to the socio-political status quo within which they reside.

Our Motto

“Khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehley,
Khuda banday se khud poochay bata, teri raza kya hai”

Raise your own self so high that before every decree,
God himself should ask you “Tell me, what is your will?”
(Allama Muhammad Iqbal, 1877 – 1938)

Aims and Objectives

Our primary objective is to impart Islamic knowledge to all students in order to facilitate their understanding in the subjects of Quran, Islamic Law (Fiqh), Islamic History (Tareekh) and Islamic Etiquette (Akhlaq), in a holistic manner by virtue of the integrated Tarbiyah Curriculum. In striving to meet this objective we do so with a view to developing an intellectual understanding of Islam and encouraging its conscientious practice pursuant to the tenets of the Shia Ithna-Asheri faith.
We recognise that the generation gap between the elders and the youth of our community is ever increasing and that the social expectations of the society within which we live in many respects run contrary to our faith. For our youth this creates the “dual identity crisis”, being one personality at home that is compatible with their family life and another outside it that is compatible with that of their peers but incompatible with Islam. This bewilderment over identity can be avoided if we appreciate the importance of increasing our knowledge in respect of our faith, thereby enabling us to develop a sense of identity and a sincere and pious Islamic personality. Thus, it is through the institution of Madressa that we can take the first step in acquiring knowledge in respect of our faith.


The Baab-Ul-Ilm Madressa was founded in the early 1980’s and has been delivering Islamic education to the children in the North of England.


Baab-Ul-Ilm Madressa is part of the KSIMC and has the following:

  • Spiritual Lead – Resident A’alim
  • Principal
  • Management team
  • Safeguarding Lead
  • Admin Lead
  • Teachers
  • Teaching assistants

Future Plans

  1. To strengthen delivery of Tarbiyah syllabus.
  2. To support teaching staff develop their skills and knowledge base.
  3. Facilitate parent -students workshop to foster a collaborative approach to current issues and challenges.
  4. To develop inter and intra faith activities


  1. Recruiting teachers.
  2. Parent engagement