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Husayni Madrasah’s vision is to nurture students to become ‘Thinking and Practicing Muslims’.

Aims and Objectives

The Husayni Madrasah aims to provide a peaceful environment to elevate our spiritual life through self-purification by acquiring obligatory (wajib) Islamic knowledge. To succeed in this endeavor, we must have protocols to maintain the integrity and establish efficient operations.

The Husayni Madrasah teachers play a crucial role as part of the learning process. We have dedicated teachers with decades of experience and vast knowledge in their areas of expertise.


The story of Husayni Madrasah started in 1956 when Marhoom Alihussein Nasser Asaria Nagji arrived in Dar es Salaam from India to settle in the then Tanganyika.
He started teaching obligatory rituals to the youths of that time who were unaware of their obligations.
The old Imambarghah was chosen as the first classroom for those boys. Thus, Husayni Society was formed. In the late 70s, the name was changed to the Husayni Madrasah.
Among the first batch of students are prominent figures in the community today in Dar es Salaam and abroad. Today, after many years, we see that this venture by Marhoom Alihussein Nagji (May Allah (swt) raise his station high) has blossomed into the successful institution that it is today.
In the early 1970’s, when Marhoom Alihussein Nasser Asaria Nagji went to settle in Songea, Br. Akbar Kermali Jessa and Marhoom Amirali Abdulla Kanji took up the continuation of the Madrasah. The helm was then passed on to Br. Mustafa Pirmohamed who took over and put the madrasah on the fast track!
It would not be right if there was no mention of the dedicated workers of the Madrasah. One of them is Marhoom Gulamabbas Yusuf Kara. He served the madrasah as a practical namaaz supervisor to the boys aged 5 to 14. From the early 70s until his death in the year 2000, he preferred to skip namaaz e jamaat at the mosque and be at the Madrasah to supervise the namaaz.
Another notable person who worked tirelessly to promote the Madrasah to its present status was Marhoom Habibbhai Jafferali Mulji. He left no stone unturned to see that the students, teachers and all officials were getting the maximum support from the Jamaat. He worked in the capacity of Chairman of Tabligh sub-committee of the Jamaat under the presidency of Alhaj Mohammedbhai Dhirani.
Murabbi Pyaralibhai Rustamali Ladha was the first secretary of the Husayni Society and was an hugh inspiration to all the founder members and the parents of the community during those days.




Future Plans