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  • Motivating, educating, and enhancing the Islamic knowledge of the community children and youth.
  • Employing modern methods to provide moral, psychological, and practical guidance and training to community children and youth in accordance with Islamic values.

Aims and Objectives

  • Educate community children and youth to appreciate and understand the Qur’an, Islamic knowledge and values
  • Guide community children and youth in developing and cultivating a strong Islamic identity by acquainting them with past and present contributions of Islam
  • Promote fraternity through social activities amongst the children, youths and the community at large
  • Develop and train teachers to facilitate a classroom environment in a professional manner
  • Launch and use the Tarbiyah curriculum to enable a positive and experiential way of learning
  • Empower parents to play a critical role in the children’s future
  • Enable graduating students to serve in their community and pay it forward


Founded in 1984, the Husseini Madrasah (now Sunday School) started out small serving the Khoja Shia community in Los Angeles. 35 years later, the school serves a multi ethnic community from all walks of life. Students speak multiple languages and enrich the experiences of both teachers and parents. The school hosts multiple field trips ranging from visiting museum, inter and intra faith communities, serving the underprivileged, to visiting the sick and the elderly. Our teachers introduce various charities within the Muslim community and outside.


The Sunday School is housed within the jamaat facilities. Some of the classrooms are used for multi purposes including the mosque events.

Future Plans

To create a sustainable institution and ensure succession planning for the future. Embrace the Tarbiyah curriculum and continue training new teachers.


Los Angeles is a sprawling city and we have 18 shia Madaris. As a result, parents prefer to send their children closer to their residences. I would love to see the other madaris use the Tarbiyah curriculum so that our future generation is secure.