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Our vision is to create an environment which enhances spirituality whilst promoting peace, mercy and tolerance in the broader community.


  • The mission of the centre is to call to the oneness of Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, with wisdom and gentle-preaching.
  • Calling to the following of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) and his Ahlaybait
  • And train the students in a manner to take the torch of leadership to serve the Shia community at Hussainia Saskatoon

Aims and Objectives

  • To Provide opportunity to learn Islamic knowledge by easy and effective way
  • To promote relationship based upon respect, tolerance and understanding through the Madrasah
  • To inspire in students a lifelong passion for gaining knowledge and applying it
  • To make the Madrasah a place where the students feel valued, secure and happy
  • To improve children Islamic knowledge through providing quality teaching and the practical application of moral values and ethics.
  • To build relationship with the parents to extend the learning and growth of all pupils
  • To support staff through providing up to date trainings and improved communications, management and regular professional development.


We started Hussaini School Saskatoon in 2009. We were arranging classes in different Public Schools, Community Centres, Basements and garage on every Sunday with help of motivated volunteers.

In 2019, we build our own Hussainia, which is first Hussainia in whole province of Saskatchewan, Canada. By the grace of God, we started classes in our own beloved Hussainia. Many of our dedicated teachers have completed the Tarbiyah Curriculum Teacher training course offered by NASIMCO in December 2020. Now we are opening our HSS for public in the month of January 2021 with new Tarbiyah Curriculum and Trained teachers. Curriculum/modules/workbooks from the renown Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) Enthusiastic and committed teachers A spacious, comfortable and easily accessible venue for children to excel in Clear and transparent platform for parents to learn about their child’s educational progress. HSS has begun to deliver its strategy to nurture the next generation, but we are a young Madrasah and seek support of the MCE in all of our initiatives through providing trainings for new teachers and upgrade training for existed teachers.


We are divided into two sections:

  • Administration including: Finance, Registration, communication, IT, Resources,
  • Operations including: Attendance, behaviour management, teacher and section heads.

Future Plans

  • To focus more and more on improving the teaching quality
  • To organize more Islamic seminars, trainings and Islamic role plays at the Madrasah
  • To make sure all teachers have received the Tarbiyah Curriculum Teacher Training and providing upgrade teacher training for existing teachers.
  • To Build Madrasah, which would lead whole North America, we have 32 arc Land, which we would use for that purpose.


Pandemics that cause we couldn’t arrange physical classes.