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  • Enhance student learning experience
  • Enhance teaching experience for staff
  • Improve parent engagement

Aims and Objectives

While Islamic education begins at home and is primarily a responsibility of the parents, it is formally and methodically augmented through the IEC, which plays a role in developing the Islamic identity of our children. We are committed to enhancing Islamic teachings, morals, and values in our students. These include principles of mutual respect, discipline, responsibility, and modesty. We will strive to develop a sense of responsibility and accountability in each student for his/her own learning and his/her ability to learn with others.



  • Take place on Sundays for students aged 4-15 years. Madrasah starts at 10.30am and ends at 2.00pm (12noon for Pre-K).
  • Core team consists of Principal, Vice Principal, Operations, Secretaries and Treasurer

Future Plans

  • Continue to use the Tarbiyah curriculum and provide feedback received accordingly
  • Restart a TA Class for recent graduates
  • Transition to new team in August 2020


  • Quality teachers
  • Parent involvement/volunteers