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The Islamic Jaffaria Education Center is an Islamic education facility better known as the ‘Education Center’ attending to the needs of the social development of the children according to the Shia Islamic faith and belief. The primary role of the Education Center is to share the parent’s responsibility of providing religious education to their children, also to provide an atmosphere where a child can learn Islamic Ethics and understand Islamic brotherhood.
To provide the atmosphere where the child can live by following the Ethics of Islam is and will always remain the responsibility of the parents.

Aims and Objectives


  • To provide religious education to the child according to the Shia Ithna Ashari school of thought, so that he or she is able to live the Islamic way of life.

    ‘Islam provides definite guidelines for all men to follow in all walks of life. It gives a comprehensive code of life, dealing with its social, economic, political, moral and spiritual aspects. Man is reminded at several places in the Qur’an of the purpose of his life on earth, of his duties and obligations towards himself, his kith and kin, his community, his fellow human beings and his Creator. Man is given fundamental guidelines about leading a purposeful life and then he is left with the challenge of life before him so that he may actually put into practice the high ideals of life.’ Our Faith: IEB

  • To serve as a nucleus point between parents, teacher, student and the community.
  • To provide training programs for future teachers.


Over the last few years, the “education centre” has had its horizon widened to a great extent. Academic values and concepts have played a major role.
A uniform system of education through communities in all corners of the world is important.

Islamic education at IJA began in 1991 by a few members of the community and since we have had an enhanced curriculum that catered to the children ages 4 through 18.

Islamic education needs were once again put to work on the 23rd of September 2018. At the i.j.a. center. Tarbiyah curriculum was introduced and adapted at the IJEC. This curriculum is to provide an effective learning system that is integrated and learner centered, inspiring the child to adopt and adhere to an Islamic lifestyle. An idea that captures the hearts and minds of our children through a unique and renewed approach. The vision of tarbiyah has been to nurture piety while enabling a learning environment that instills the values of the Qur’an and the Ahl al-Bayt a.s.

Each year we graduate an average of 4-8 students at the IJEC of Miami.



The Sunday Education Center is organized by the ISLAMIC JAFFARIA ASSOCIATION, of Miami, Florida. The Education Center management committee consists of all volunteer Teachers and one member from the I.J.A. Board.

The Education Center is managed by:

  • The IJA Chairman of Education Center
  • The Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Secretary
  • Al-Quraan/Diniyaat Coordinators
  • Treasurer, Registrar and
  • Teachers

Future Plans

  • IJEC continues to thrive for excellence in nurturing the Islamic values to the students.
  • The administration, teachers and volunteers are determined to continue providing the Islamic education to the children of the community.
  • Our goal is to bring various neighboring communities together into the standard curriculum we have adapted recently so that South Florida Muslim children are all in the same learning system and pace.
  • We are also planning to increase the space we have for the center to accommodate the increase of admissions in the years 2020 inshallah.


  • Consistency of teachers: Tarbiyah has brought in new means and methods of teaching and learning. All our volunteers are not certified, and many have full time jobs and other responsibilities. The shortage of certified teachers is a constant challenge.
  • Space: admissions are increasing, however the facility is forced to provide only for a number due to insurance reasons.