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The vision of the madressa is to provide a world-class Islamic education institution that our Imam of the Age (may Allah hasten his reappearance) would be proud of. For more details on our vision and mission, please see the “Aims and Objectives” section below.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of Jafaria School is to provide a comprehensive, well-rounded Islamic education to our students:

  • by instilling in them an appreciation and attachment to our faith
  • by planting the seeds to help them cultivate God-consciousness
  • by imparting the fundamentals of Islamic knowledge to prepare them for the challenges of daily life

Our goal is to empower our students to become morally upright, responsible, contributing members of society.


Jafaria School of Central New Jersey was established in order to build a brighter future for the children of our community. Having established ourselves in this society, it became imperative that we instill Islamic values in our children, so that they may grow up to be exemplary members of society whilst upholding the principles of Islam.

Founded in the year 1998, the school has flourished from being run out of a simple house with a handful of students, to the burgeoning institution that it is today, being housed in state-of-the-art classroom facilities, capable of serving the needs of our 200+ student body.

Under the leadership of the principal and a dedicated staff of over 40 volunteers & teachers who generously and selflessly sacrifice their time, the school has been open every Sunday from September to June, for the past 20+ years, providing a quality Islamic education to children from preschool through high school ages, spanning 13 grade levels.



Our masjid has an upstairs level that consists of 9 classrooms capable of housing over 100 students.
Since our school population is well over double that (255 students as of the 2019 – 2020 academic school year) we are having to use every available hall in the masjid as a makeshift classroom.

A new standalone school building is under construction, expected to be completed within 2 years, which will effectively double our capacity to accomodate an ever-growing school population.

Future Plans

Our student population currently stands at about 255 students. Due to capacity limitations, we have had to put students on a waiting list.

The management of Masjid-e-Ali has recognized the need for keeping up with the demand for our school, and has therefore begun construction of a brand-new state-of-the art school building, which will double the capacity of our school… Expected date of completion is sometime within the next 2 years, insha-Allah.


Alhamdulillah, one of the biggest challenges we face is keeping up with the demand for an ever-increasing student population, from an infrastructure level as well as an administrative level. Part and parcel of this is also recognizing that our student body is comprised of a diverse population, and that we must constantly evolve and adapt our teaching methods, invest in new technologies, and ensure that our teaching staff is well-trained and well-equipped to manage their classrooms successfully.