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Jaffaria Academy aims to achieve a dream which is to nurture the growth of individuals inculcated with Islamic values and who will enrich British society with leaders and professionals that embody the highest level of integrity and good character.

It is a charitable project that addresses a need for a high-quality education service affordable and accessible to all community members.

Aims and Objectives

Jaffaria Academy educational values focus on:

  • A broad and balanced English National Curriculum that includes teaching life skills and that employs the latest technological methods, which aims to enrich both parents and students.
  • Nurture a solid Islamic faith and identity.
  • Inculcate traditional family values.
  • Build a strong relationship with our scholars in the holy city of Najaf and Qom.
  • Develop community members capable of active civic participation.
  • Cultivate the principles of respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence.
  • Deliver health education that incorporates both physical and mental health well being.


The Project

After having consulted with senior community scholars and educational professionals, a group of professional community members have initiated a charitable academy to implement a new model of education “affordable to all members of our community”, which combines online education with enrichment hub-based group activities.

Jafferia Academy will deliver the English National Curriculum using the best educational resources available, in addition to an Islamic curriculum based on the traditions of Ahlul Bayt (as). The aim is to nurture Islamic values in individuals and to prepare them for modern life in Britain in order to be of benefit to society at large.

Supporting Conditions

  • The availability of a wealth of educational resources and technologies that enable students wherever they are to communicate with teachers and learn online.
  • The ability to integrate the Islamic program without compromising the academic foundations of the national curriculum.
  • Take advantage of the current circumstances, as most families and students have gone through the experience of online education, and have become familiarised with it.
  • Overcome the challenges faced by our beloved students in non-Islamic schools that have become problematic environments on many levels, especially after the government’s decision to implement new mandatory subjects some of which are directly contradictory to the Islamic values system.


In sum:
Board of Trustees
Board of Directors
Head Teacher
Head of Islamic Education
Teaching Team reporting to HT

Future Plans

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