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At Madrasah Yusuf-e-Zahra our vision is to nurture our young children into successful leaders of tomorrow who cut through the barriers of culture and uphold the teachings of the Ahlulbayt(as)

We aren’t just on a path of only increasing knowledge but also awakening their souls to reach the highest possible level by instilling true love for Allah(swt) and His creations therefore teaching Islam as the best and most practical way of life.

Aims and Objectives

  • To form a peaceful and inclusive learning environment for our children who bond together through the love of Allah(swt).
  • To nurture students who aren’t only excelling at academia but also at Islamic studies.
  • To provide a global platform to our students with an education of an international level.
  • To groom each child into becoming future role models in the outside world by providing them with a holistic approach towards Islam.


MYZ is a recent project initiated by a few women with the support and backing of India Federation and Mumbai Jamaat in collaboration with MCE and World Federation.

It has taken the core team 9 months of intense planning and preparation including TSP and Tarbiyah training, Microteach, head hunting for staff and getting premises available and ready to use with resources.
Thus beginning Madrasah Yusuf-e-Zahra on 17th November 2019.
We currently conduct classes from Band A to D every Sunday from 10:30am to 1pm.


MYZ is a fairly small madrasah with 77 students and 17 teachers.
The roles have been divided under
Principle, Supervisor
Band leader, Activity Head
Band Teachers and Assistant Teachers
Administrator and Librarian

We are situated inside a 1 story building within the Khoja Shia Kabrastan(Aarambaug) at Mazgaon, Mumbai and occupy the first floor of the building.

Future Plans

Madrasah Yusuf-e-Zahra has been the vision for many people for a few years. After much planning, as word spread of it’s initiation, it received immense support from the community with an overwhelming response.

Our plans for the coming years are:

  • To begin classes for Bands E and F.
  • To provide regular training for our teachers and help them upgrade their skills.
  • With the plan to extend the bands, we hope to get more teachers, especially male teachers for the older boys.
  • Engage and include parents in various activities and events to guide them while together nurturing our younger generation.


Books have not yet arrived and hence our 77 students are being taught without the physical curriculum by teachers preparing for their lesson through the resources available online.

Getting male volunteers to teach the older students.