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The organization main vision is to educate and equip future Muslim Shia Canadian generations to be successful in their lives and to promote peaceful, healthy and multicultural environment in Canada.

The values that will drive our organization to achieve its vision are: creativity, curiosity, respect, collaboration, resilience and equity for all. Currently, children are the focus of the organization, they will be the leaders and contributors of our Canadian society in general and their communities in particular. The organization main branch is Nour Al-Eman school which promotes a harmonious identity mix of being Canadian and Muslim.

Aims and Objectives

Our school help kids lead a successful, happy and moral life throughout their school years.
The school offers a mix of courses and social programs that includes: Arabic as a second language, Arts, Ecology, Ethics &Religion, and Physical Education. In addition to our regular courses and programs, the school offers a set of different activities helping kids integrate into wider Montreal community: programs include sports competitions, writing competitions, outdoor outings, diverse discussion circles, social gatherings and festivals.
The school works in close partnership with families, volunteer staff and multiple Muslim and Arabic communities within the Greater Montreal region by valuing the diversity of all participants in order to have a healthy environment for children to learn about themselves, their world, their heritage and their faith.

The school nurtures the curiosity of kids and parent alike to learn and engage in different school programs and activities. Students are encouraged to be learners who articulate what they are learning, explain the next steps in their learning, set learning goals, see errors as opportunities for further learning, know what to do when they are stuck, and seek feedback.


Incepted in 2019, Nour Al-Eman an official NPO-community school that benefits parents in providing affordable part-time educational programs. Our school is an alternative to a full-time private school.
The school existence is derived from a need within our Shi’a community to have a family-educational-oriented establishment that fosters the community’s potential by providing awareness, guidance and direction to its students.
First-year we had 64 students registered.
second-year 76 students registered.


Director: Mohammed Kadhim
VP: Ibtehal Fadhil
VP: Hawra Muhey
Coordinator: Hayder Al-Turaihi
Finance: Saad Muhi
IT Manager: Ali Haddad
PR: May Ali
with many teachers and happy volunteers

Future Plans

  • Our plans are to solidify our basis in terms of curriculums.
  • Increasing the number of students registered.
  • Gradually provide other social services to the community.
  • Creating a day-camp in the summer.
  • Help MCE to translate its curriculum to the Arabic language


  • Limited budget and source of income.
  • In search of Arabic Tarbiyah curriculum