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  • On the religious plan, our mission is to transmit slamic knowledge on the right path to the school of AHL UL Bayt (AHS), and nurture the piety so we can empower children with spiritual autonomy .
  • On the culturel plan, our vision is to make our children active members and responsible citizens within our Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri community.

Aims and Objectives

To make our children the future citizens of our Jamaat, we strive to transmit our children the Gujarati as mother tongue and the values of our community (Equieta, Namrata, Sabieta). As the Madressah is in a close relation with Jamaat, every ceremony in Mehfile Zainab is an opportunity to educate and involve our children in its differents activities as much as possible.


Madressah was settled in 1989 at Mehfile Zaïnab, Nord Paris Jamaat, La Courneuve by one of his founder , Marhoum Goulamhoussen Naziraly, most known as “Moise bhay” in KSI Community worldwide.

The Madressah was runned during 6 years in a traditional way under the lead of Molana Seyed Imran Zaidi , origin from Lucknow.
However, activites of Madressah were very limited due the premises in rent.

In may 1994, jamaat has shifted toward actualy location were he has invested in a new property bulding for the future. During opening ceremony a new Madressah was born under its name of “Sanie Zehra Madressah” that means “to the image of Zahra ahs”. This new environment permited Madressah to perform a deep reformation of it system and organisation. It was running in a modern way , adopting the form of french secondary school (a teacher per topic and per hour etc..).

Thanks to the extension of Mehfile Zainab’s bulding during may of 2010, the current Madressah has reached a new step in his way of progress.
Sanie Zehra Madressah has his own area, and has strengthened its structure.
Every year in April, in addition to the developpement of its program, Madressah organise an outgoing in a european country as a pedagogic project and spiritual Journey.


  • The Madressah is leaded by a staff of 6 members and runned by a team of 20 teachers.
  • 75 children attend Madressah every saturday from 4 to 8 pm.

Future Plans

  • The main and first plan for the future for our Madressah is to implement Tarbiyah in large and efficient way.
  • Developping an environment permiting to parents, teachers and children to be more involved in the new curriculum system.
  • Preserve and developpe our mother tongue gujrati in Madressah through a new pedagogic approch.
  • Improve courses and general organisation of Madressah on te basis of best practices.


  • Applying Tarbiyah at home and supporting parents involvment at Madressah.
  • Preserve the practice of gujrati speaking at home
  • Reduce the rate of absenteism every saturday
  • Improve the quality of teaching by new training for teachers.
  • Increase spirituality of our children