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Offering Islamic Education in English for children living in Montreal and the surrounding areas. We aim to nurture piety and create a spark in them to further Islamic knowledge in them so that they live Islam on a daily basis.

Aims and Objectives

Provide and equip children with a foundation of Islamic knowledge, create a love for Islam and how to be good Muslims in the West.


We are a small community of Khoja Pakistani, we have approximately 70-80 students attending the madressa. They are of different ages between 4 to 16-17.
Sunday school has always been a service our jamaat has offered and wholeheartedly provide this to the best of their abilities.


Board of Education – 4 members.
Principal : Molana Syed Ali Zaffar Zaidi
Teachers and Ressource team.

Future Plans

The plan is to continue the Tarbiyah curriculum, and to solidify our Quran material.


High level of absenteeism and parents involvement.