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The Shi’a Ithna’sheri Madressa Essex exists to nurture piety in its students and teachers and support students to acquire the necessary religious skills to enable them to constructively contribute to the well being and enhancement of the society in which they live.

This striving can only be achieved by submitting to the Divine Guidance of Allah – SWT- and leading ethical lives as exemplified by our beloved Ambiyya and Aimmah.

Aims and Objectives

The Nurturing development and growth of students ( Tarbiyya) is achieved by the holistic study of a curriculum that incorporates the teachings of the Holy Qur;an, Tareekh, Akhlaq, Aqaid and Fiqh and a separate emphasis is learning how to recite the blessed Book of Allah SWT.



Future Plans

The Aim is to continue improving so that our students gain the best from the Madressa Institution and are able to enhance the world we live in through their learning.