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VISION: Our vision is to have a madressah where children learn with a holistic understanding of their faith, the faith of our fourteen masumeen (as). We would like to see children being fully equipped with knowledge, skills and know how that will enable them to stand for and uphold the valus of their faith.

MISSION: Our mission is to enable every person involved at the madressah in such a manner they personally benefit from the services that are provided. These would enable us all to achieve the path of salvation as set by our Aimmah (as).In the process we aim to produce confident and conscious members of the society.

Aims and Objectives

The madressah’s objective are :

  • To conduct Islamic religious classes in line with our set curriculum (MCE)
  • To create a socially, morally, educationally and spiritually stable Muslim Youth
  • To secure for the Muslims of the area a sound Islamic education.
  • To instill the desire for Quraan and Seerah with knowledge and action.
  • To mould the youth with a distinctive Islamic character.
  • To instill pride without arrogance in their Islamic culture.
  • To co-operate with other educational institutions having the same aims and objectives.
  • All above in line with the teachings of our Aimmah (as)


Brief History: Madressah in Arusha was established in the 1950’s, by the settlers from within our community at that time. Over the years madressah’s name has chaned from Hussayni Madressah / Society to Yagdare Murtazawi Madressah.
Initially there were only two classes, one for boys and another for girls, run by the resident aalim, and mullas / mulyanis. As years went by, in the early 1990’s, madressa classes were built above the existing Imambara, where lessons could be conducted in different classes according to the age of the child. By then the Nairobi Madressah curriculum was in place.
Year 2007, the same area was renovated and in addition to classes with white boards, a multi-media room too was created to cater for classes where such activities would be required. In addition, four more classes were upgraded with overhead projectors.
Year 2017, YMM, Arusha embarked on the MCE curriculum, this being the first madressah to do so.
Teachers Training has been at the core of development within the madressah, and Arusha has been fortunate to have workshops from all around to contribute towards upgrading teachers.
WF – TSP program was started in year 2016. 24 teachers from Arusha graduated having completed the full requirements, of TSP – MT1 up to MT5.


  • 10 classrooms
  • 1 media room
  • 1 library cum administration office
  • 1 big hall

Future Plans

YMM, Arusha intends to continue striving forward with MCE curriculum, with the intention of creating good followers of our Imam (atf) in the process.


Trained and committed teaching staff has always been an issue. Parents involvement / support is another area that needs attention. (Too much attention to secular education)