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MCE Tarbiyah Storybooks F.A.Q

Who has developed the Tarbiyah storybooks?

They have been developed by a team of dedicated authors namely: Aaliya Yusufali, Fatema Kanji, Ghazala Gokal, Zohra Tejani and Shaykh Abbas Ismail. They have been developed and published by the Madrasah Center of Excellence which is a part of the World Federation of KSIMC. These storybooks form part of the Tarbiyah curriculum for children aged 4 to 7 and is used in Shia madaris worldwide.

Are the books designed to be read independently by the children?

The books are designed to be read by an adult to a child so that they can discuss and share the concepts. Once a child is able to read independently, they can enjoy the books that way too.

Can I buy an individual storybook?

Unfortunately at this time we are only selling complete book bundles. There are advantages in getting the bundles as they not only work out cheaper but they also cover an ongoing theme.

Can I buy more than 1 book bundle?

Yes you may buy as many bundles as you wish. Clearly state the quantities when ordering.

Can I mix the book bundles with different books?

Unfortunately at this time we are only selling complete bundles as advertised on the WF shop.

Is there a discount if I would like a large quantity of book bundles?

Please email us on [email protected] for any bulk buy enquiries.

Are these the only book bundles available?

Inshallah we will release more bundles as we complete the series of books in each bundle. Watch out for new releases by MCE.

Is there a special rate for libraries and Islamic centers?

Please email us on [email protected] to enquire.