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MCE – The journey so far

The core themes of our curriculum cover Aqaid, Fiqh, Ahlaq, Tarikh and Qur’an using a unique and integrated approach. Our aim is to provide an effective learner-centred platform that always keeps the learner’s needs at the forefront and inspires children to adopt and adhere to an Islamic lifestyle following the footsteps of the Ahlul Bayt (A.S).The Curriculum development workstream creates a robust and evolving global curriculum that encapsulates regional variations, modern methodologies, support material for students, teachers and parents whilst retaining core knowledge and spiritual ethos.

The Tarbiyah Curriculum Framework aims to promote a madrasah education that focuses primarily on the students’ personal growth and development. Therefore, when creating content for the lessons, great emphasis has been placed on Islamic values, identity, self-esteem, a sense of belonging and developing a strong bond with the Qur’an and the Ahlul Bayt (a). The lesson content is centred around developing a strong Muslim personality capable of fulfilling one’s responsibility of stewardship, or khilafah, in society. It is structured to meet the overall goal of our life on earth – service to Allah, ubudiyyah, – and responsible and effective citizenship in society.We are working towards creating 500 TEACHING GUIDES, 380 LESSONS, 100 STORY BOOKS, 16 WORKBOOKS.DID YOU KNOW?

Story books


Did you know every story is based on a short verse from the Holy Qur’an?

There are so many fantastic elements in every single book, which include wonderful whys, hadiths, dua’s, examples from lives of the Ahlul Bayt (as) and a power parenting section.


MCE carries out a variety of training programmes to equip teachers with the necessary skills to teach the Tarbiyah Curriculum. Since starting, we have trained 1,481 TEACHERS in 77 PROGRAMMES across REGIONS.

Teacher Skills Programme (TSP)

Our TSP workshops cover key areas of training, which include responsibilities of a madrasah teacher, planning skills, inclusive learning and reflective practice.
The programme was externally evaluated by an expert in order to capture the impacts it had on teachers and students and the following benefits were found:
  1. Most of our madrasah teachers are not professional teachers – they are your everyday mums and dads and have received very little training for their roles. TSP builds their confidence in areas of knowledge, teaching skills and learning
  2. TSP has brought to life the passion for teaching for our teachers
  3. Teachers are now able to plan concise and effective lessons
  4. Teachers can connect with a diversity of students and build a learning community that is investing in a positive future for the next generation

“Teaching had just been a way of giving back to the community, TSP opened my eyes to different aspects of being a teacher.” – Madrasah Teacher

“It helped me be more confident and made me realise that it matters in life to think before we speak to be positive. Sometimes frustrated because of the words I wasn’t understanding I missed the aim. My favourite was about “agree/disagree/unsure” because we can also use it with children.” – Madrasah Teacher

“Highly recommend this programme even for schools”. – Madrasah Teacher
Neuropsychology of Learning Programme (NPL)

The Neuropsychology of Learning Programme was tailored for madrasah teachers and is a comprehensive self-assessment of the psychological elements involved in learning and to review in detail the learning needs, energies and thinking approaches for different students.

Jaffery Academy, MombasaThe Jaffery Academy is a secular school in Mombasa and provides education to children from nursery to secondary school. The school took the opportunity to train their members of staff using the NLP and the impacts on both teachers and students were phenomenal.

Comments included:”I am able to understand my student’s behaviour in and out of class and this has considerably reduced the number of conflicts in class as I am now able to accommodate and meet the various needs of my learners.” – Jaffery Academy Teacher

“Jaffery does try their best to help students grow academically, spiritually and socially especially with the help of the introduction of new ways to engage students more in academics does encourage them to enjoy the classes.” – StudentWe are hoping that this innovation at Jaffery Academy will inspire other schools to invest in NPL and gain the same benefits as our madrasah teachers.MCE is growing by leaps and bounds and we are pleased to say that there are a number of Madaris using the Tarbiyah curriculum across the world, with more joining in 2018.

Next week, we’ll be talking about learning resources and assessments, so keep your eye out for the next update. We’ll also be keeping you up to date with the latest news from MCE through emails and social media. Please be sure to follow us on facebook, where we post exciting updates about teacher training sessions, including pictures from our workshops.

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