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Neuropsychology of Learning Programme (NPL)

The Neuropsychology of Learning Programme (NPL) is a two-day course aimed at helping madrasah teachers better understand themselves, their students, and how to positively inspire the next generation.

NPL focusses on the learner-centred approach to education, which is centred around each individual child. A combination of formal and informal processes such as collaborative learning (learning something together) and role-modelling creates an attitude that respects differences and self-awareness that children and young people benefit from.

The programme gives teachers new ideas on how to motivate positive learning from within the classroom.

Teachers also learn about a number of different teaching models, which help to increase student motivation, engagement and teacher effectiveness. They take part in a number of activities, including card sorting, group discussions and designing t-shirts, which helps to consolidate all that they’ve learnt throughout the programme. Who says teachers can’t have any fun?

NPL exercises allow teachers to identify their own temperament and interaction style and learn different ways on how to engage with individuals of another temperament. They discuss strengths and challenges of being a teacher and how to overcome them by adapting to other styles.

Teachers are able to experience a comprehensive self assessement, which cover the key psychological elements involved in learning. As well as, reviewing the learning needs, energies and thinking approaches for different students that will ultimately allow teachers to teach effectively.

“The activities were meaningful and gave me an opportunity to reflect on and develop myself.” – Madrasah Teacher from Orlando
“I will observe the students, figure out their strengths and use the info to inspire them”. – Madrasah Teacher from Toronto
“NPL has made me appreciate my learners more because I now understand their temperament and interaction style. My progress has been tremendous.” – Teacher from Jaffery Academy

Over the coming months, we’ll be talking about how you can help support MCE and ways to help keep this amazing project alive, inshAllah.
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“Allah does not hold the people of ignorance responsible for not learning, until He has held the people of knowledge responsible for not teaching.”
Imam Ali (AS)