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Managing class noise levels

Behaviour guru Sue Cowley coaches a teacher how to manage class noise levels by using clear instructions, time targets, and varying the teacher’s voice level. Sue Cowley observes a 3D shapes lesson via hidden cameras taught by E’Van Tsang at Greenholm Primary in Birmingham. She is able...

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Teaching the Dyslexic Child

This programme reveals how the use of multi-sensory teaching can help dyslexic children become independent learners and boost their self-esteem. It is crucial that children with dyslexia are encouraged to believe in themselves and to become independent learners from an early age. Kate Bodle, a...

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Theory and reality of ASD pupils – Understanding Autism

20-year-old John Simpson, himself on the autistic spectrum, guides us through the theory and reality of life for many ASD pupils. As well as sharing his own story, he speaks to Autism West Midlands’ Sue Hatton about the condition and Mike Collins from the National Autistic Society, who reveals the...

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