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Differentiation in Action – Primary

How one teacher handles primary pupils of varying achievement. Teacher Shahnaz Khan is working with her KS1 class using the book “Not Now, Bernard” to recognise speech in text. With a wide range of pupil achievement, differentiating the task is crucial. There are various factors to...

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How to tackle bullying

Despite every school having an anti-bullying policy, it is still a big problem. Bullying affects child’s performance as well as self-esteem. Thousands of children still contact Childline or remain silent. Here, new research into bullying is presented, from Christine Oliver at the Institute...

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SEN Dyslexia Friendly Room

This programme looks at increasing the understanding of what it is to be a dyslexic at school and offers innovative classroom strategies to help dyslexic pupils to achieve. Dyslexia (Source: MGN...

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Effective Questioning

From creating a classroom culture where children feel safe answering questions, to properly differentiating questions and ensuring shy children get involved. In ‘The Secondary A-Z Of…’, how do teachers ask effective questions? From theory to practical tips, this programme explores the...

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