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Teacher Skills Programme – Orlando

The weekend of January 13-14, 2018, the Center of Islamic Learning of  NASIMCO achieved a milestone in conjunction with the Madrasah Centre of Excellence of the World Federation. A Teachers Skills Programme was held in Orlando for the Madrasah teachers of the IEC Academy. The head of...

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Celebrating MCE

Salaam Alaykum, Through its Tarbiyah curriculum and extensive teacher development programmes, the Madrasah Centre of Excellence (MCE) has been providing an effective learning platform for madrasah students across the world. Our curriculum aims to give the best Islamic education for future...

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Neuropsychology of Learning Programme (NPL)

The Neuropsychology of Learning Programme (NPL) is a two-day course aimed at helping madrasah teachers better understand themselves, their students, and how to positively inspire the next generation. NPL focusses on the learner-centred approach to education, which is centred around each individual...

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MCE – The journey so far

The core themes of our curriculum cover Aqaid, Fiqh, Ahlaq, Tarikh and Qur’an using a unique and integrated approach. Our aim is to provide an effective learner-centred platform that always keeps the learner’s needs at the forefront and inspires children to adopt and adhere to an...

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Teaching Skills Programme

Our madrasah teachers attend a number of world-class training programmes that provide them with a range of skills to motivate, create and inspire their students. It has been recognised that teachers feel they need the support and resources to be effective in the classrooms to maintain the...

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